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At Jupiterz Enterprises, excellence is defined by our customers, not us.  Our mission is to defy the norm and bring a new vision to the way technology delivers services to the business world; we will never ask you to change the way you do business to meet our system requirements.  We pride ourselves in delivering solid working solutions to our clients, as they want it.  Our promise is to partner with our customers, and alight their path from inception to completion and beyond, until they are satisfied and comfortable with what they have paid for.


General Approach



Training & Support

We are information system builders.  We do not mass produce software, and we do not produce generalized software that requires you to change in order for it to work.  Our applications are built to deliver  precisely what our clients need.  We do not include non essentials, and we do not charge for them.  We pride ourselves in leveraging our individual and collective experiences to embed extreme efficiency and effectiveness into every module of every system.  Your business will realize the benefits of this approach very quickly.  We embrace a project oriented methodology and  assign a team to every project.  We insure the project members remain with the project through it's normal life cycle, and into post production for at least a year. Our staff is made up of a vastly diversified and talented group of individuals that comprise an unbeatable and fantastic team.  The combined experiences of our staff, spanning the government and private sector, provide an array of business applications unmatched in their power and flexibility.  From simple to the most complex enterprise solutions, we will deliver a complete system that will support your business model, your business needs, and will allow you to maximize the potential of your endeavor, no matter how big or small. We like our contracts simple.  There are no obscure clauses; no charges for additional users; no additional charges for seeds, licenses, certifications, time limit on the usefulness and life span of the system, as we do not sunset our systems.  We will guarantee and provide support for as long as you own and operate your application as delivered by us.  We will honor your specific contractual requirements, and abide by them as addendums.  All our contracts will have a free upgrade support and installation included in them, so your system will benefit from every advancement made in technology, as it pertains to your application. Training is always a part of our total delivery and is always free for all of our clients' employees and associates.  We will conduct on site training, unless our customer's normal place of business is not suited to support the training sessions, in which case we will provide the necessary space.  All training costs, such as travel, lodging, and set up is borne by us, not our customers.

Our goal in the area of customer support is total customer satisfaction.  Once you are a customer, you will always be valued, even after the contract terms have expired.  Contact us for any problems, questions, or suggestions, at any time, and we will be glad to help in any way possible.  Our help desk team is charged with getting an answer back to every incoming customer call within one hour.

General Approach

Your specifically designed system will reside securely on our hardware, and you will access it at your choosing.  All you need is a browser.  You will not need hardware, software, networks, and the staff to support it all.  All aspects of system support and operation are done for you without the usual overhead and cost.  We will be your IT division as paid for once and utilized for as long as you choose to continue to operate your purchased application.  With our vision for global reach, continued market expansion, and total commitment to our customers, that could be a very long time, and would mean tremendous savings for all our clients.


Your system will reside on our hardware, and is maintained by your own IT staff.  We will partner with your IT division at the onset of the project, and provide extensive training and support through the development life cycle.  We will stay involved for a full annual cycle after your production system is deployed, and then your IT division can take the reins. 


Your system will be developed and implemented on your hardware platform, and be support by either us, your IT staff, or a combination of both.  The same extensive level of training and support will be provided to your organization.

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